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40 ghz 32 mm student name 2 d s dt 2 0 is farfield

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Unformatted text preview: l direction) of the Test antenna ( dT ): 2 ( d S + dT ) λ0 2 = Is far–field condition satisfied? Transmitter Set-Up: Transmitting antenna alignment (Polarization): Test (receiving) antenna alignment (Polarization): Source and test antenna heights on the table: SETTINGS ON CASSY-LAB SOFTWARE: Range from: Angular Increment: Bias Current: Detector Characteristic: Approach Ref. Point: Append New Meas. Series -180o to 180o Black: 1.0o Off/On Quadratic, m=2 clicked. clicked. 1 Meas. Interval: Meas. Condition: Trigger: Repeating Measurement: Acoustic Signal...
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