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Delta j0 or n1 empty empty empty results receiving

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Unformatted text preview: : 200 ms. delta &J>0 or n=1 empty empty empty RESULTS: Receiving Antenna Received Power Level in dB Value in dB Max. Gain in dBi 43.89 Gs = 16.078 Large Horn Ws ( rec ) ( dB ) = YagiDR Wrec ( dB ) = 38.20 10.38 Parabolic Reflector with front-fed configuration using YagiDR Wrec ( dB ) = 45.6 17.788 Wrec ( dB ) = 43.77 15.958 41.2+3=44.2 16.388 32.27 4.46 Microstrip Antenna Helical Antenna Wrec ( dB ) Half-wave Dipole Antenna Wrec ( dB ) = = Gain = Wrec - Ws(rec) + Gs Comments: (in dB) For helical antenna measurements, since it has circular polarization, it is illuminated by horn antenna with linear polarized waves. Thus half of the power is lost, thus a correction term +3 dB must be added to correct the received power level. 2...
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