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Single-Phase Transformer Equivalent Circuit If all flux is in the iron core: N 1 I 1 N 2 I 2 m where is the core reluctance and = core length, A A = core cross-sectional area I 1 N 2 N 1 I 2 N 1 m Now define the magnetizing current: I m N 1 m giving I 1 N 2 N 1 I 2 I m The first term is the ideal transformer load current reflected to the primary side The primary voltage (still ignoring leakage flux effects and winding resistance) is e 1 N 1 t m d d Convert to steady state phasor form: E 1 j N 1 m j N 1 2 I m Let the magnetizing inductance be L m N 1 2 E 1 j L m I m
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The core losses can be fairly approximated as being proportional to the core flux squared (at constant frequency), so we may represent these losses with a resistance Rc in parallel with the magetizing inductance Lm. The leakage flux is mainly in air paths, so we may approximate its effect by adding an inductance in series on each side. Likewise the winding resistances are also
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