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Specifications subject to change without notice. 15801 Chemical Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1595 Tel: (714) 898-0960 Fax: (714) 896-0971 Rhombus Industries Inc. 8 PULSE TRANSFORMERS TRANSFORMER EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT: The influences of a transformer’s parameters can best be understood by considering the equivalent circuit in below. This ciruit shows a typical output pulse waveform. Assuming that this output pulse is the result of injecting an ideal rectangular input pulse, one can see that a number of parameters are distorted. Overshoot, droop, back swing, rise time, etc. appear as unwanted signal distortion on the output pulse. Assuming the pulse transformer is properly matched and the source is delivering an ideal rectangular pulse, the transformer should have low values of leakage inductance and distributed capacitance while having a high open circuit inductance. This will limit the deterioration of the pulse shape. Also, the fact that the source will never produce an ideal rectangular pulse adds to the problems of distortion. Transformer Equivalent Circuit.
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