Students are supposed to be at the laboratory on the

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Unformatted text preview: ng of the semester. Students are supposed to be at the laboratory on the time. Students who are late more than 15 minutes will not be allowed to perform that week’s experiment. 4. Laboratory sessions will last maximum 2 hours. Students will be evaluated according to what they have accomplished at the end of the session. 5. Lab instructors may give a short quiz at the beginning of the lab sessions, so make sure that you are familiar with that day’s experiment. 6. All the results, drawings and calculations that are done during the experiment must be filled in a result sheet (on computer) and checked by the lab assistant at the end of the experiment. 7. Students who don’t have experiment sheets will not be accepted to laboratory session and will be assumed to be absent. 8. Students ARE NOT responsible for writing reports after each experiment. At the end of each experiment, the filled result sheets must be checked by the lab instructors. 2/1 9. There will be a final experiment carried out by each student, separately, and the final experiment will determine 25 % of t...
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