Students performance during the laboratory sessions

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Unformatted text preview: otal lab grade. Student’s performance during the laboratory sessions, and also the precision of the results taken during the experiment will determine the other 75%. 10. During the experiment, walking around, or speaking with the other group’s members is forbidden. Briefly, anyone who disturbs other’s work will be asked to leave the laboratory and assumed to be absent. 11. During the experiment, leaving the laboratory without permission of the instructor is forbidden. 12. During the experiment you can ask your questions only to the laboratory instructor. Instructor will show you the right way. 13. Students must take all the precautions for their safety. They must take good care of the equipment. They will be liable to replace the equipment or the components, which are damaged due to misuse and this will affect their grade. Therefore students are strongly recommended to show the microwave circuit setup to the laboratory instructor before applying the supply voltage. 14. Smoking is forbi...
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