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1.5.3 Generation of Impulse Voltages C d = Impulse capacitor C y = Load Capacitor R d = Discharge resistor ( S ı rt Direnci ) R a = Damping Resistor (Cephe Direnci) y C ) ( t u F a R d R d C F d C d R a R y C ) ( t u The figures show the two most important basic circuits (denoted “circuit a” and “circuit b”) that generate impulse voltages. Since the power of circuit a relatively higher than that of its efficiency, it is
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Unformatted text preview: generally used for high power density component testing (e.g. transformers Since the efficiency of circuit b relatively higher than that of its power, it is generally used for component testing which do not require high power (e.g. insulators). b a P P > and b a η η<...
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