Psych2F03-Test 1 - Smell = ipsilateral; Left hemisphere:...

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Smell = ipsilateral; Left hemisphere: reading, speech; Normal: what left brain sees is picked up Lesion in right parietal lobe (attention, less narration) causes neglect on left side of body Phantom Limb: normal, shrunk, awkward posture, close to another body part, paralysed, painful Rubber hand illusion: synchronous brush strokes on both real hand (under table) and rubber hand (on table) o Misinterpret rubber hand as real hand (increased premotor cortex and sensory cortex) Invasive: physical/chemical distortion of tissue; in vivo (intact), in vitro (isolated) EEG: non-invasive, temporal, spontaneous activity, from scalp o Beta (13-30) frontal/partietal, Alpha (8-13) occipital with eyes closed synchronized, Theta (4-8) children/sleeping adults, Delta (0.5-4) infants/sleeping adults o Alpha block: synchronized alpha desynchronized beta (open eyes, mental task, etc.) o Epilepsy (3): spontaneous, abnormal firing in forebrain neurons, spike and wave (petitmal – absence) o Power Spectrum: quantitative measures of waves, spatial o Electrocorticograph (ECoG): directly from cortical surface, used before surgery for epilepsy o Magnetoencephalograhy (MEG): magnetic fields generated by neurons, better temporal/spatial, SQUID o Stereotaxy: targeting electrodes to specific areas of brain o Microdialysis: fluid pumped in, collects substances in ECF, collected and analysed o Slice study: stimulate one part, record activity in another o Voltage clamp: clamp voltage at one level (command voltages), study current at that level How much current is needed to produce __ voltage o Patch clamp: cell attached (measures current), whole cell (cytoplasm) strong suction, inside out (intracellular) pull and expose to air, outside-out (extracellular) strong suction and pull CT (computerised tomogram): x-rays detected by sensors at opposite sides, attenuations by tissues measured MRI: hydrogen nulei, constant longitudinal (T1 – grey/white matter), pulsing transverse (T2 – fluid content/inflammation) emit RF signals at 3mm every few seconds which are converted into weighted images o
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Psych2F03-Test 1 - Smell = ipsilateral; Left hemisphere:...

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