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Thesis Construction - WRT 105: Unit 2 / Thesis Construction...

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WRT 105: Unit 2 / Thesis Construction Thesis Construction and Evolution: Guidelines for Unit 2 Paper STEP 1 : Begin your Unit 2 image analysis by applying The Method ( WA , Ch. 2). On a piece of scratch paper, list out every detail you notice, beginning with the obvious and leading beyond the obvious. Locate patterns of repetition and contrast. Isolate the most significant binary, and after writing a paragraph on that binary, formulate a claim that you can use as your working thesis. STEP 2 : Begin your paper with a detailed description. Establish the look and feel of the image, and situate it within its proper historical, social, cultural, and/or situational context. You may want to discuss the mood or set of problems generated by the image. STEP 3 : Introduce your working thesis. This should be a claim or an announcement of the specific aspect of the image you intend to investigate. You may use a question to introduce your working thesis, but try to insert a claim. STEP 4 : Introduce other important details you have observed in the image, and analyze them both independently and in relation to the image as a whole, as framed by your working thesis. Hold your evidence up to your thesis, like a crystal to sunlight, and see how your thesis illuminates, colors, and
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Thesis Construction - WRT 105: Unit 2 / Thesis Construction...

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