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Unit 3 Syllabus - Writing 105, Fall 2007 Unit 3: Practices...

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Writing 105, Fall 2007 Unit 3: Practices of Reading and Writing Arguments Picking up on a theme introduced in prior readings, we will—in this final unit of the course— explore problems of representation, both contemporary and historical. In Unit 1, we discussed representations of structural inequality, bureaucracy, suffering, compassion, and resistance, and on another level, the challenge of representing someone’s life and work through biography (which, like photography, purports to tell the truth). We also looked at Nancy Cantor’s essay on multiculturalism, and the problem of privilege (a kind of heightened representation) versus marginalization (under-representation) within college communities. In Unit 2, we analyzed visual rhetoric and looked at photography as a modern technology used to render precise visual representations. From Berger, Sontag, and Hirsch, we learned strategies of analyzing photographic images and reading the gaze, the pose, and subjectivity. Diana George’s essay on poverty raised questions about representing poverty—the problem of lower-class agency and the production and consumption of charity images by and for the middle-class. George’s concerns are echoed by Laura Hershey in another essay in Critical Encounters called, “From Poster Child to Protester,” a personal narrative which reveals how scripted images of disability are often exploited by charities with little concern for the people they claim to represent. Hershey recalls having been used as a poster child for the annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. It is only as an adult that she comes to realize how one of the most effective annual charity fundraisers in history misrepresents and exploits disabled children. Her essay suggests that charitable images of disability tend to be overly sentimental—misleadingly so—
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Unit 3 Syllabus - Writing 105, Fall 2007 Unit 3: Practices...

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