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WRT 105, Unit 3 Final Paper Proposal Guidelines The proposal for your final paper is due Tues., Nov. 27 . It should be 1 - 2 pages in length. I am looking for a thoughtful explanation of your paper topic and a list of sources you will use in the form of a Works Cited page. You should include some key ideas or claims about your topic to show that you have already put some thought into the matter, though I won’t hold you to these claims in the final paper. Make sure to focus on a very particular problem or phenomenon of representation, and discuss its cultural relevance. Here are some possible approaches and questions to consider: 1. Decide on a subject: who or what is represented? How are they represented? By whom, and in what context? How many instances of your subject’s representation will you consider? To what degree does this representation empower or disempower your subject (if a person)? To what degree has this representation been cultivated by the popular imagination or figures of power? What do you find unique, significant, interesting, revealing, etc., about this
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