Fall_2009_105b_Exam_1_key - Exam#1 with solutions

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1 Chemistry 105 B PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Exam 1 Name: ______________________________ 09/22/09 Last 4 Digits of USC ID:____ ____ ____ ____ Lab TA’s Name: ___________________________ Lab: W 1 / W 4 / Th 9/ Th 1/ Th 4 Please circle lab section above . Question Points Score Grader 1 6 2 8 3 8 4 18 5 18 6 9 7 8 8 6 9 10 10 9 Total 100 Please Sign Below: I certify that I have observed all the rules of Academic Integrity while taking this examination. Signature: _______________________________________________________________ Instructions: 1. You must show work to receive credit. 2. There are 10 problems on 11 pages. Please count them before you begin. A periodic table and some useful equations can be found on the last page. 3. If necessary, please continue your solutions on the back of the preceding page (facing you). 4. You MUST submit all pages to the proctors, including the periodic table page. Put your name onto the periodic table page in the space provided . 5. You MUST use black or blue ink in order to be eligible for any regrades. (No whiteout, no erasable ink, no pencil.) 6. Only a Casio FX-260 calculator may be used on Chem 105a/b exams. 7. Turn off cell phones and other electronic communication devices and put them away, out of sight. They may not be taken out of your bag during the exam. 8. When time is called, stop working on your exam immediately, turn the exam over and pass it to the aisle. 9. Good luck!! =) First Letter of Last Name
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2 1. (6 pt) A first order reaction is 40.0 % complete at the end of 50.0 minutes, with an initial concentration of 0.375 M. What is the value of the rate constant? Be sure to include units. 2. (8 pt) The kinetics of the reaction A + 3B Æ C + 2D were studied and the following results were obtained. For an experiment where [A] o = 1.0 x 10 -3 M and [B] o = 5.0 M, a plot of 1/[A] versus t was found to give a straight line with a slope of 0.75 M -1 s -1 . For a second experiment where [A] o = 1.0 x 10 -3 M and [B] o = 15.0 M, a plot of 1/[A] versus t was found to give a straight line with a slope of 2.25 M -1 s -1 a. What is the rate law for this experiment?
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Fall_2009_105b_Exam_1_key - Exam#1 with solutions

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