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oxidationnumbers - oxidation numbers will not add up to...

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Cut to the Chase: Assign Oxidation Numbers Chapter 21 Rules for Assigning Oxidation Numbers 1. Family IA will always be +1 2. Family IIA will always be +2 3. Fluorine will always be -1 4. Assign oxygen a -2 (it can be -1 as peroxide, and -1/2) 5. Assign hydrogen a +1 (it can be -1 when combined with IA or IIA) Hint: Always give oxygen a -2 and hydrogen a +1. If this is not correct, the
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Unformatted text preview: oxidation numbers will not add up to zero in the compound and the oxidation numbers may be adjusted. Example: NaH- If you give Na +1 and H+1 it does not add up to zero. Since Na has to be +1, H will have to be -1 to make the numbers add to zero. H 2 O 2- If you give H +1 and O -2, the numbers do not add to zero. Since H can’t be a +2, the O will have to be a -1....
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