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EXCHANGES ON BABY DOE STUDY GUIDES JIM STONE: 1. What does Stone see as a moral blunder Singer and Kuhse commit? 2. Does Stone see a point at which his criticisms do not apply? 3. What line does he draw for a life worth protecting? 4. What standing does he give to parents when it comes to deciding? 5. For Stone the Guidelines then being considered did not compel medical personnel to do what? 6. What difficult treatment decisions needed to be distinguished? 7. Stone argues “one can support the guidelines even if one believes that some human lives are more valuable than others.” How does he do this? 8. What groups are cited in support of Stone’s position? 9. What evidence is cited to refute Singer and Kuhse’s “bottom line?” GORDON TULLOCK 1. How does Tullock’s criticism differ from that of Stone? JEANNE GUILLEMIN 2.
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Unformatted text preview: What criticism is leveled against the use of Infant Care Review Committees? 3. What are seen as more important than external threats when it comes to neonatal care? 4. The Baby Doe regulations place so much faith in medical intervention that we can completely forget what? SINGER AND KUHSE REPLY 1. What is the central point about the proposed guidelines they wish to criticize? 2. If, according to S&K the guidelines mean what they say, they do interfere with what? 3. On what point do S&K agree with prolife position? 4. Rather than federal intervention, what solution do S&K see as more acceptable? 5. What story is cited as evidence of administrative duplicity? 6. What stance is taken to active versus passive euthanasia? 7. What is their stance on Infant Care Review Committees?...
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