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MIS 204 –Spring Semester 2008 Introduction to Business Information Systems Mid Term Exam Name: ________________________ Student Number:_________________ Date: ____________ Please circle the best response: 1. A process that collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose is a(n) ________________. a. information technology architecture b. information system c. information technology infrastructure d. business process improvement e. none of the above 2. ___________ is (are) data that have been organized to have meaning and value to a recipient. a. data b. information c. knowledge d. experience e. none of the above 3. A _________________ is a group of 8 bits, used to represent a single character. a. Hexadecimal number b. Binary Digit c. Byte d. Register e. None of the above 4. The global, web-based platform enables individuals to do which of the following? a. connect, compute, communicate, collaborate, and compete everywhere and all the time b. access information, services, and entertainment c. exchange knowledge d. produce and sell goods and services e. all of the above 5. When your purchases are swiped over the bar-code reader at the point-of-sale terminals at Wal-Mart, a/n _____________ records the data. a. transaction processing system b. functional area information system c. dashboard d. expert system e. office automation system 6. Two information systems that support the entire organization are: a. Enterprise resource planning systems, dashboards b. Transaction processing systems, office automation systems c. Enterprise resource planning systems, transaction processing systems d. Expert systems, office automation systems e. Output mangement
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MIS204 Midterm Exam Spring 2008 Page 2. 7. Supply chain systems are which type of information system? a. Departmental information systems b. Enterprisewide information systems c. Interorganizational information systems d. End-user computing systems e. Individual information systems 8. The term _________ refers to data that visitors and customers produce when they visit a Website. a. Data redundancy b. Metadata c. Data integrity d. Clickstream data e. Extenal data 9. Which of the following factors does not influence how well a microcomputer performs? a. clock speed b. word length c. bus width d. line width e. All of these influence computer performance 10. A listing of all courses offered at the University would be considered _____, whereas a listing of all courses required in your major would be considered _____. a. information, data b. knowledge, information c. information, knowledge d. data, information e. data, knowledge 11. The _____________________ consists of the physical facilities, services, and management that suport all computing resources in an organization. a. information technology infrastructure
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midsp08key - MIS 204 Spring Semester 2008 Introduction to...

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