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CEE611 – Earthquake Engineering Winter Semester 2007-2008 Homework #3 (Due March 17, 2008) Earthquake Ground Motion Record Processing PART I Please obtain a record of the Northridge Earthquake (1994 EW) Moorpark Station (CDMG) and the Loma Prieta (1989 NS) Palo Alto SLAC (USGS) records. For each record, please provide the following: 1. Time history plot of acceleration 2. Time history plot of velocity 3. Time history plot of displacement 4. Fourier spectra amplitude of the acceleration response
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Power density function of the acceleration response 6. Arias intensity Tabulate the following properties on a single summary sheet with supporting calculations in an appendix: 1. PGA 2. PGV 3. PGD 4. Bracketed duration 5. RMS acceleration 6. Effective duration 7. PGA: RMS Acceleration Ratio 8. Central frequency 9. Shape factor PART II Also complete the following problems from the textbook (Kramer): 1. Kramer 3.8 2. Kramer 3.10 3. Kramer 3.11...
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