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practice1 - Second sentence go to a wide shot of traffic...

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Due 02/06/08 1. Why was the traffic backed up for so long if it was such a small accident? I am also wondering why the truck stopped unexpectedly. Maybe get an interview with someone involved, but the story does answer the 5 w’s and h. 2. Lead 1: Police are investigating the cause of a three car pile-up near Fourth Avenue and Main Street which backed up traffic for hours. Lead 2: Traffic is back to normal after a truck stopped unexpectedly causing a three-car pile-up near the intersection of Fourth and Main Street. Lead 3: Commuters are sighing with relief that the three-car pile-up at Fourth and Main Street is cleared. 3. First VO sentence show a medium shot of the red truch and cut to a close up of the driver and police. Then a wide shot of the whole scene and intersection.
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Unformatted text preview: Second sentence go to a wide shot of traffic congestion and then a close up of pissed off drivers honking their horns. CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS APPROVED THE SPENDING OF OVER ONE-POINT-FOUR MILLION TAX DOLLARS ON A NEW PARK DOWNTOWN.--vo of future park area— THE PARK WILL BE LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF FIRST STREET AND MAIN STREET COVERING APPROXIMATELY FOUR ACRED OF CITY-OWNED LAND. COUNCIL MEMBER JOHNSON SAYS PLANNING THE PARK WAS VERY TIME CONSUMING.---sot – The council spend hours debating things like design and location but in the eds the community will benefit from it.------- anchor tag-----CONSTRUCTION WILL BEGIN NEXT MONTH AND IS SCHEDULED TO BE COMPLETE IN EARLY TWO-THOUSAND-TEN. # # #...
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