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GOVERNMENTS AND POLITICS OF WESTERN EUROPE Gov 324L #39142, EUS 350 #36584 Fall, 2009 Class meets T/Th 9:30-11, Mezes BO.306 Dr. Gary Freeman, Office in Batts 2.116G Office hours: T/T 11-12; W 3-4 tel: 471-5121, or 232-7260 (direct line with voice mail) email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Gustavo Rivera Loret de Mola Office, BAT 1.118 Office hours: T/T 11-12:30 tel: 471-5121 email: [email protected] _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Description: This is a general introduction to the governments and politics of Western Europe. The course covers the major European states that are members of the European Union, but especially Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, Belgium, and the Netherlands . Students will become familiar with the basic structures and processes of European national governments, but also devote considerable attention to the European Union, the transnational regional regime currently made up of 27 European states. Our analysis of European politics takes place in the context of the major changes that have transformed the region in the last 20 years, including the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the democratic evolution of many East European states, mass immigration from the Third World, and the progressive integration of the world economy and, particularly, the economies of the European Union member states. A key theme which will run through our discussions and be the focus of your writing assignments is the comparison of the various institutional and procedural practices in European polities with those of the USA. Can we make analytically respectable arguments about one practice being superior to another? Requirements: (1) Attendance : Class attendance is mandatory and accounts for five points on your final course average. Students will be asked to select a permanent seat so that a seating chart can be devised to facilitate taking attendance and learning names. Students who have no un-excused absences beginning with the fourth class day will receive 5 points on their final course average; those who have an un-excused absences for one class will receive 4 points; those who miss 2 classes will receive 3 points; 3, 2; 4,1; and those who miss more than 4 classes receive no points for attendance. Legitimate absences due to illness and prearranged causes will not result in forfeited points. (2) Exams : There are three scheduled exams which will be a combination of standardized, multiple-choice questions and essay options. The exams will not be comprehensive, covering only material assigned since the last exam. The last exam will be administered during the final
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examination periodBso mark your calendars now for Friday, December 11, 9-12 PM. Please, no requests for exceptions for weddings, European vacations, etc. Registering for this course is tantamount to stipulating that you are able and willing to show for the third exam on December
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