Review for GOV 370L Exam #1

Review for GOV 370L Exam #1 - GOV 370L REVIEW SHEET 8/28/09...

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GOV 370L R EVIEW S HEET 9/24/09 8/28/09 Important Dates 1776: Declaration of Independence o In the declaration, is discussed out grievances with England rather than addressing any real issues about money. 1777: Articles of Confederation 1781: Cornwallis surrenders at the battle of Yorktown 1785: 1 st Constitutional Convention (Articles of Confederation had failed) 1786: 2 nd Constitutional Convention 1787: Final draft of the Constitution drafted June, 1788: Constitution ratified by 9 th state (New Hampshire) 1788: George Washington elected 1789: George Washington is inaugurated The Articles of Confederation This established a government similar to the European Union The federal government was really just the Legislative branch o It lacked a judicial branch and the Executive branch was more of a figurehead. The only powers given to Continental Congress were: o Ability to commission officers o Allowed them to declare war (but they couldn’t raise an army) o Could coin money (but so could the states) o Could form treaties o Could form a post office o Could impose tariffs (but so could states, including on interstate goods) Some of the problems with the powers included: o The inability to tax the citizens o They couldn’t raise an army o All 13 states required to consent to any changes in the Constitution o Required 9/13 states to pass any bill U. S. Constitution (1787) Article 1: Establishment of the Legislative Branch o Section 1 Established bi-cameral legislature. The House would represent their state according to population and the Senate limited officials to 2 per state. This was the longest article and distinguished it the most from the articles of confederation. The Virginia and New Jersey dispute, which had difference about the rules of representation, led to the Connecticut compromise. page 1
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GOV 370L R EVIEW S HEET 9/24/09 o Section 2 To be in the House you have to be 25, a US citizen, inhabitant of the state you want to represent the day of the election, in the US for at least 7 yrs. The people who can vote for them are the ones who can in state legislature with the most numerous body. To be a representative, you have to be elected, no appointments. 2-year terms. o Section 3 To be in the senate you must be 30, 9yr citizen of the US, and an inhabitant of the state at the time of the election. 6-year terms. Governor fills vacancies. Presiding officer is the VP Cyclical elections, 1/3 of them are up every two years. o Section 4 Established the laws governing elections Established that whomever could vote in a state legislature election could vote for members of congress. o
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Review for GOV 370L Exam #1 - GOV 370L REVIEW SHEET 8/28/09...

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