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1 Review for exam Learning Strategies Center Test Prep Workshop •Study Better! •Learn Better! •Be Prepared! Carol Tatkon Center Wed., Sept. 24, 4:30-5:30pm Free – Just Show Up! Mike Chen, [email protected] FIMRC Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children First General Body Meeting: Monday September 29 th in Kaufman Auditorium in Goldwin Smith @ 5:00pm If you cannot attend but would like more information contact [email protected] Find out about volunteering at pediatric clinics in places like India , Uganda and Peru ! Come hear from past volunteers and learn about our Winter 2008 trip to Costa Rica ! We are looking for new E-board members, find out about applying!
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Unformatted text preview: & Find out about local medical volunteering! Miscellaneous course announcements 1. Asterisk on the web quiz….or not Occasionally an asterisk may not appear next to your scores on the score report. That is ok. 2. Lecture 9 material for the exam Lecture material and text assignment do not completely overlap. Focus on lecture material and find parts of chapter 27 to reinforce it. 3. NY stromatolites 3 mi west of Saratoga Springs on NYS RTE 29. Lester Park and Richie Park. Cambrian Age 4. Lecture only students: Prelim 1 is in Uris auditorium (here) Pick up exploration sheets from Dr. Sarvary...
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