L41%202008%20Biology%20in%20Winter - Biology in winter...

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1 Biology in winter Lecture 41 5 December 2008 anabatic wind solar azimuth caloric content of fuel celestial cue clock shifting gliding glycogen headwind Helmholtz coil learned landmarks lipid loading magnetic orientation Michoacan migratory restlessness monarch butterfly Monterey peninsula orientational cue hierarchy sham group slope lift star compass sun compass tailwind thermal lift time compensated triglycerides antelope jack rabbit antifreeze proteins arousal helix oxidation boreal forest brown adipose tissue (BAT) brown fat cryoprotectant deciduous trees ethylene glycol foot loading freeze tolerant glycerol goldenrod gall fly hibernation ice lattice non-shivering thermogenesis (NST) polyol rotational axis sorbitol snowshoe hare sugar alcohols sunken stomata supercooling point supranivean surface area to volume ratio thermogenin torpor waxy cuticle white adipose tissue wood frog Course Evaluations The only way this course can get better is with your feedback. We are constructing an anonymous evaluation form now and it will be either web based or bubble sheet. We will let you know how to participate and we really appreciate you filling out. Thanks for your participation. Upcoming schedule Monday Dec. 15, Final Exam 2:00pm, Barton hall Sunday 7 Dec., Dr. Lindsay Goodloe will hold the last 1001 class, 2:30- 4:30, B45 Warren Hall. It will focus on lectures 39-41. Wednesday 10 Dec., Dr. Cole Gilbert will hold a Q & A
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L41%202008%20Biology%20in%20Winter - Biology in winter...

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