Bio 214 lab 3

Bio 214 lab 3 - Chen Wang I Title Testing the...

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Chen Wang I. Title Testing the carcinogenicity of monosodium glutamate in mediums containing Escherichia coli and streptomycin in agar plates II. Introduction A chemical is classified as a mutagen if the chemical changes six to twelve base pairs in DNA (Dilulio, 2009). This chemical will cause a mutation in the DNA sequence. A mutation is a change to the genetic material of the DNA sequence (Russell et al. , 2008). Because changes in the genetic material are universal without regards to the agent of the DNA, the change in DNA is assumed to be replicated in humans. When a mutation occurs in human DNA, scientists believe that the mutation can lead to cancer. The student chose to test monosodium glutamate (MSG) as a mutagen for causing cancer because monosodium glutamate produced lesions in mice. Scientists believed that the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus affected how much food an animal consumes through the interleukin-1 cytokine (IL-1), which was a type of protein that defended the body against infections. Reyes and Sawchenko injected a rat’s newborns with a solution of monosodium glutamate. After a period of ten days, the scientists observed lesions in the rats’ brains and decreases in two types of brain cells (Reyes and Sawchenko, 2002). Previous studies done on
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Bio 214 lab 3 - Chen Wang I Title Testing the...

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