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Project1Format - User Interface The user interface shall...

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Formatting of Project 1 The IEEE standard on Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specification describes the structure of the SRS and the kind of information that should go into each section. This information is also summarized in the lecture on the SRS Document. You can find some additional formatting information on requirements tables, user interface, and Data dictionary as below. Functional/Nonfunctional Requirements Table The table shall include the following columns: ¾ Functional/Nonfunctional Requirements Number: the unique number assigned to the requirement and referred by other requirements and use cases. Functional requirements are numbered as F01, F02, etc, and nonfunctional requirements are numbered as NF01, NF02, ect. ¾ Requirements Name: a descriptive one-or-two-word name for the requirement ¾ Overview: an one sentence description of each requirements item ¾ References: the related use case numbers and related requirements numbers listed
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Unformatted text preview: User Interface The user interface shall include the following parts: ¾ Producing major screen shots (i.e., mock-up GUIs) ¾ Describing purpose of each widget on each screen shot (i.e., what each widget does) ¾ Relating input events and output events to widgets on screen shots (i.e., which input events trigger the widget and which events will be generated by the widget) ¾ Expressing navigations among screen shots, e.g., if the button is pressed, a new web page will pop up. Data Dictionary In the data dictionary, you shall give a brief description of each term that has been introduced in your SRS. The terms include classes, attributes, and operations in your class diagram, states, events, and activities in your state machine models, messages in your sequence diagram. The data dictionary shall include the name and purpose for each term....
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