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Individual Case Report[1] - • offering buyer incentives...

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Mgmt 468 Luis G. Flores, Ph.D. Date: 10/13/09 Section: 2 Case: Capital One Financial Corporation Name: Instructions: This assignment is an individual responsibility. Do not share your answers with anyone. Be precise and use bullet points as much as possible. You should fill out one of these sheets every time there is a case assigned to class. This assignment must be printed. Failure to hand in this assignment at the proper time will result in 20 points deducted from you participation grade. Industry Trends: online banking lowering rates
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Unformatted text preview: • offering buyer incentives • consolidation Competitive highlights: • cash/check/debit • smartcards • store credit cards • home equity loans Future Threats: • hackers • customer debt Company Strengths: • employees • communication b/t depts. • sales/service quality/productivity • IT knowledge • customer service Strategic Issues: • International expansion • information retention • incentives Recommendations: • do nothing • hire more IT personnel • expand to new market...
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