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Unformatted text preview: Anthro 2AC, Fall 2009 Reading Questions for Week 3: Deetz 1996, Chapter 2 What is Deetzs attitude towards individual archaeology (p. 43)? - some thought must be given to the questions the historical archaeologist should seek to answer in his work. What sorts of research questions guide the projects he discusses? Compare the different versions of research questions Deetz thinks one should begin a project with to the discussion of research questions presented by Professor Wilkie in class. Buchli and Lucas 2001, Chapter 5 What is the Garbage Project and what has it learned? o Primary goal: demonstrate the utility of archaeological methods and theories for achieving a better understanding of issues of current public concern like: Assessment of resource waste and proposed methods of waste minimization, measures of diet and nutrition. Evaluations of household participation in recycling programs ID of household level sources of hazardous wastes Cross validation of census counts of minority populations, and providing base data for the design of new environmentally friendly packages o What people report they do/ and or what they themselves believe is often very different from their actual behavior. People underreported alcohol consumption by 40-60%. USDA did NOT want to know about this discrepancy would call into questions decades of USDA data....
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Week_3_reading_questions - Anthro 2AC, Fall 2009 Reading...

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