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P P U U B B L L I I C C R R E E L L A A T T I I O O N N S S 9/11 Hijackers & Iraq War There were 19 hijackers involved in 9/11 Egypt (1), Lebanon (3), UAE (2), Saudi Arabia (15) 2003 Survey: ⒟! of Americans thought the US found WMD in the Gulf War; ¼ of Americans thought WMD were used against us; ½ of Americans thought Iraqi’s were hijackers 69% of Americans believed Sadam Hussein was involved in 9/11 attacks Late 2002: Bush officials hint at a link between Afghanistan aqnd Iraq Cheney pushed media to believe that Iraq was linked to the attacks of 9/11 Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press Not what is true, but what we believe is to be true Leads to public policy that leads away from the real problem Propaganda is the most powerful thing controlling public policy Things are stated explicitly rather than letting people decide for themselves Citizens & media need to question, not suggest Be the watchdog & identify when things don’t seem right Propaganda In WWII propaganda was used to unify the country Education is sort of like propaganda Teachers tell us things we can’t verify We need a common base of knowledge that we accept to move us forward What is Public Relations? PR is a user of mass media (as is advertising) Used for personal communication PR is management between an organization and its publics Publics are groups that interact or have a vested interest in the organization The press is a very important public Advertisement is paid advertising; PR is not PR is trying to get others to say good things PR is a science: uses theory and research PR is an art: uses writing, photo, video & multi media PR is management: strategic planning and advising PR evaluates: know exactly what needs to be communicated PR people are interpreters of the environment Public Relations is Circular We are never aware of the best PR Good PR never stops
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Management is two way Information goes out; research comes in F F R R E E E E D D O O M M O O F F T T H H E E P P R R E E S S S S Off the record backgrounder Tell someone in the media something off the record that can’t be published right away They are trying to control a situation for an important and/or dangerous situation Not for attribution backgrounder Government officials tells something to the media, but the name can’t be used; “leak” Sometimes used to gauge public opinion as a “trial balloon” Customs & NBC Customs wanted public approval of drug busts Customs told NBC there would be a drug bust and that NBC could have exclusive coverage The bust went according to plan and NBC filmed the arrest The attorneys for the criminals claimed their Miranda Rights were not read NBC was not required to show unedited and raw footage under the shield laws— refused to give footage Judge said they gave up the right to be journalists when they were
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com107fall08 - P U B L IC R E L A T IO N S 9/11 Hijackers...

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