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Exam and Homework Policies Fall 2006 Econ 41: Statistics for Economists Professor: Ekaterini Kyriazidou 1. Homework (1) Common Title Page : Students are required to use the common title pages. The common title page is available on TAs’ websites. The aim of this requirement is that, since there are about three hundreds of students in this course, it is quite possible your homework answers will go to TA sections where you are not enrolled. The common title page will help us to minimize this kind of inconvenience. (2) Unstapled and Unreadable Answers : TAs reserve the right of not grading unstapled and unreadable answers. Each quarter, TAs face significant amount of unstapled and unreadable homework and have hard time to manage them. Please staple your answers (with common title page) and write them in legible manner. (3) No Late Hand in : Students have to submit their homework in the Professor Kyriazidou’s lecture classes. (This means students cannot hand in their homework in TA sessions). Late homework
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