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HOMEWORK # __ Fall 2006 ECON 41 Statistics for economists Professor Ekaterini Kyriazidou Student Name: ____________ (Last) ____________ (First) *Please write your registered name Student ID: ______________ Submission Date: __________ (Month) ________ (Day) 2006 (Year) TA Section: _____ TA Name: _______________________ TA Section Information : Section TA Day Time 1A Kilinc, Mustafa Monday 2:00-2:50pm 1B Yoshimoto, Hisayuki Monday 3:00-3:50pm 1C Kilinc, Mustafa
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Unformatted text preview: Monday 10:00-10:50am 1D Shi, Hao Friday 10:00-10:50am 1E Kashiwagi, Masanori Tuesday 1:00-1:50pm 1F Kashiwagi, Masanori Tuesday 3:00-3:50pm 1G Chen, Ruo Wednesday 9:00-9:50am 1H Chen, Ruo Wednesday 2:00-2:50pm 1I Kim, Claire Wednesday 3:00-3:50pm 1J Kim, Claire Thursday 10:00-10:50am 1K Mezza, Alvaro Thursday 2:00-2:50pm 1L Mezza, Alvaro Thursday 3:00-3:50pm 1M Shi, Hao Friday 12:00-12:50pm...
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  • Week-day names, Thai solar calendar, Alvaro 1M Shi, Masanori 1F Kashiwagi, Hao 1E Kashiwagi, Section TA 1A

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