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Write up L1 - What is the purpose of the horizontal strips...

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Lab experiment date: August 29, 2008 Name: Eric Andrysiak Lab Day: Friday Lab time: 7:30am Lab instructor: Natham Lab number: 1 Title of experiment: Introduction to digital test equipment Write a technical response to each of these questions. How is a logic 1 (HIGH) represented in a TTL digital circuit? It is on and equal to 5V How is a logic 0 (LOW) represented in a TTL digital circuit? It is off and equal to 0V Where does the power come from that runs the ICs. Power Supply Where do the 1s and 0s come from that are used to test the circuits. 1-High/On 0-Low/Off How are 1s and 0s that circuits produce at their outputs displayed? 1-High/On 0-Low/Off How does a logic probe indicate: a logic 1? A logic 0? A pulsing signal? 1: There is 5V/it’s on 2:There are 0V/it’s off 3:It’s connected to the clock and it’s alternating between 1 and 0 What is a clock in a digital system? It’s a variable frequency pulseform Why does an LED connected to a clock at 100Hz appear to be on all the time? It’s switching between 1/0 too fast
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Unformatted text preview: What is the purpose of the horizontal strips on top and bottom of the breadboard? Buses: Used to connect power and ground Why does the IC need to straddle the gutter on a breadboard? So you can plug many circuits in without short circuiting it Which pins are used to power the IC on simple TTL ICs. Generally the horrizontal ones up top Page 1 of 2 Describe Logic AND, OR, and NOT operation. AND: Both need to be on Or: One or both need to be on Station cleanup. Instructor check off ______________ These points are earned by completing the experiment AND this write up AND then cleaning all the paper AND wire clippings from the bench top (even under the equipment and against the backspash), AND neatly returning all equipment to its place AND pushing your stool under the bench . ( This is also your first exposure to the logical operator AND… i.e. you must do all of these things to get the bonus points!) Then turn in your report before you leave. Page 2 of 2...
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Write up L1 - What is the purpose of the horizontal strips...

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