Write up L4 - File>Create/update>Create Symbol for current file Explain the operation of the circuit from the tutorial that combined the

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Lab experiment date: September 19, 2008 Name: Eric Andrysiak Lab Day: Friday Lab time: 7:30am Lab instructor: Katham Lab number: 4 Title of experiment: : Quartus Graphic Entry and Simulation Write a technical response to each of these questions. In your own words, what is the purpose of circuit from Figure 5-3. It’s basically an AND gate with an on or off switch on it. You’re inputs going into it can be the correct combination to make the output high, but the output can only be high if the inputs AND the selector is on. So, in the real world, it’s very usefull to be able to have the control to decide whether or not you want a certain device/chip to be on/off. How do the logic gates accomplish this function? It’s a 3-way AND gate. So for the output to be high, Input A&B need to be high AND the Selector needs to be high. So since it’s a 3-way AND gate, the selector input acts like a selector. How are circuits changed into “block symbols”.
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Unformatted text preview: File->Create/update->Create Symbol for current file Explain the operation of the circuit from the tutorial that combined the three block symbols to form the top level design file. You basically need to have both of the first 2 block circuits all high (with the selectors on) and then the selector on in the 3 rd block circuit and your output will be high. Which bit is the most significant of the select lines? The selctor is the most significant What does the binary value placed on the Select lines represent? An on/off switch…without it on, there’s no way the output will be high. Explain the strategy that you used to create the timing waveforms for simulation of this circuit. What I personaly think helped the most with generating the timing waveforms was to simply draw out the timing diagram on paper first and then transfering it to quartus. Station cleanup. Instructor check off ______________ Page 1 of 1...
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