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Write up L11 - Because then it’s loading the encoded...

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Lab experiment date: November 14, 2008 Name: Eric Andrysiak Lab Day: Friday Lab time: 7:30am Lab instructor: Katham Lab number: 11 Title of experiment: Decoders and Encoders Write a technical response to each of these questions. What is an encoder used for? In a way, it writes the multi input source to an output. So, in this example, it takes the many switches and uses them to load an input to the 74160. How does your encoder handle multiple inputs being activated? It’s a priority encoder, so it only recognizes the highest bit activated and the others don’t matter What is the purpose of the DAVN signal? It loads the encoded input into the counter when an input is activated on the encoder. Otherwise, nothing is loaded. When is the data actually transferred to the Q outputs of the counter? Everything is synchronous, so everything happens on the trigger of the clock. Why does the counter not count as long as an input switch (0-9) is activated.
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Unformatted text preview: Because then it’s loading the encoded input onto the clock repetively instead of counting. Can all letters of the alphabet be displayed on a 7-segment display? Give some examples. No, many of them would have to look way to similar and you cannot really display diagonals….like “M” or “N” Page 1 of 2 Station cleanup. Instructor check off ______________ These points are earned by completing the experiment AND this write up AND then cleaning all the paper AND wire clippings from the bench top (even under the equipment and against the backsplash), AND neatly returning all equipment to its place AND pushing your stool under the bench . ( This is also your first exposure to the logical operator AND… i.e. you must do all of these things to get the bonus points!) Then turn in your report before you leave. Page 2 of 2...
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Write up L11 - Because then it’s loading the encoded...

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