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Write up L12 - How much faster must the clock be than the...

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Lab experiment date: November 21, 2008 Name: Eric Andrysiak Lab Day: Friday Lab time: 7:30am Lab instructor: Katham Lab number: 12 Title of experiment: MUX/DEMUX PARTNER: Chris Boomhower Write a technical response to each of these questions. Describe a decoder. -A decoder takes a binary number input and activates a selected output that corelates that that binary number Describe and multiplexer. -A multiplexer takes multiple input signals and selects one based on the selector and outputs that signal to the output. Describe a demultiplexer. -Takes one digital signal and selects which of many outputs to output that signal to. Describe the theory of operation of this system. -It takes 4 input signals hooked up to a MUX. The data out of that MUX is attached to a DEMUX so it can output that signal onto a selected selected output. The selects for the demux and mux are hooked up to a clock so they count synchronous and the same values and therefore Input and Output the same values.
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Unformatted text preview: How much faster must the clock be than the highest frequency input signal in order to assure that data is not missed. -Im not completely sure how much faster it would have to be, but I do know it would have to be quite a bit faster, or else the Input and Output signals would not sync up. If a formula was needed, Id suggest 2 pi * period. Page 1 of 2 Station cleanup. Instructor check off ______________ These points are earned by completing the experiment AND this write up AND then cleaning all the paper AND wire clippings from the bench top (even under the equipment and against the backsplash), AND neatly returning all equipment to its place AND pushing your stool under the bench . ( This is also your first exposure to the logical operator AND i.e. you must do all of these things to get the bonus points!) Then turn in your report before you leave. Page 2 of 2...
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Write up L12 - How much faster must the clock be than the...

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