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Lab Instructor: Moss EET 159 Eric Andrysiak 04/28/09 Lab Report 14 Lab Station 14L Output interfacing fan on/off power control Task: Design and build interfacing for on/off power control to control fans, heaters, and lamps. Projects: D.1 Heater and Fan Controller This circuit acts as a simple cooling circuit for a 12v DC heater. When started this circuit counts down from 35. After 1 second the heater kick’s on and after 11 seconds a fan turns on to cool the heater. After 31 seconds the heater is shut off and after 35, the fan is shut off also. This circuit has a clock input, a start input that starts the sequence, a stop input that turns off the fan and heat without altering the sequence and output controls that, based on the sequence, tell the heater and fan to turn off. D.2 Incandescent Lamp Driver This circuit acts as a simple low-side driver that uses a MOSFET and open collector inverter to control a 12v lamp. The first part of the circuit takes a logic input and runs it through a 4606 open collector
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