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STEPS IN FACTORING Step #1: Find a Greatest Common Factor to factor out. 3 2 2 5 6 ( 5 6) ( 2)( 3) x x x x x x x x x Step #2: How many terms? 2a: Two terms? Difference of squares 22 ( )( ) A B A B A B Sum of cubes 3 3 2 2 ( )( ) A B A B A AB B Difference of cubes 3 3 2 2 ( )( ) A B A B A AB B 2b: Three terms? 2 Ax Bx C Find two # s & t adding to B and multiplying to AC If A=1 then 2 ( )( ) x Bx C x s x t If A>1 then break up B into s+t Ax Bx C sx tx C Use factor by grouping. 2c: Four terms? Factor by grouping (look for two pairs that each have a common factor):
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