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Lecture Outline What does “perception” mean? Interpretation. Subliminal perception. Judgment. Feature Detectors. Gestalt principles. Perceptual constancy. Illusions. What Does “Perception” Mean? “Perception” is a pre-scientific term. The dictionary (Mirriam-Webster) includes both of the following definitions: “Awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation.” This implies conscious awareness “Physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience.” This does not imply conscious awareness. Questions to Ponder Would you say that split-brain patients “perceive” the stimuli in the left visual field when they don’t consciously experience them but can point to them with the left hand? Have you had the weird feeling while driving that you didn’t “perceive” anything on the road for a period of time because you were paying attention to something else? Interpretation “Interpretation” is the result of integrating sensory input with what is stored in memory. Different degrees of interpretation are required for different stimuli. A sudden loud noise, a flash of light, or the pain from a burned finger are “perceived” and cause behavioral responses without interpretation. On the other hand, almost all of our conscious experience does involve interpretation and, therefore, memory.
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Putting It All Together – Part 1 Subliminal Perception Notion that brief exposure to stimuli that aren’t noticed can influence our behavior. “Subliminal” means “below the (conscious) threshold.”
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GenPsychSensationPerception2 - Lecture Outline What does...

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