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INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA WORK PROBLEMS “VS.” RATE-TIME-DISTANCE PROBLEMS Note I put “vs.” in quotation marks because they’re not competing… they’re in complete agreement. Problem #1: Two cars start 380 miles apart and drive towards each other, traveling 60 & 40 mph. The 40 mph car starts two hours BEFORE the slower car. How long does it take the two to meet? Problem #2: Ryan and Jill have 380 payroll forms to process. Ryan can process 40 forms per hour, while Jill is slightly more efficient and can process 60 forms per hour. Ryan gets a two hour head start. What is the total time (including the time Ryan worked alone) needed to process the forms? You should notice that these two problems are isomorphic, in other words they are structurally exactly the same, just different “window dressing.” The first problem we have this information: rate time distance Car 1 60 mph x-2 hours 60(x-2) miles Car 2 40 mph x hours 40x miles Note I let x = the time for the slower car since it started first. So the equation is thus:
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