2CWin09MT1Key - Chemistry 2C (Section A) Spring 2009 First...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 2C (Section A) Spring 2009 First Midterm Friday Apr. 24 th Instructor: Lievens Name: ________________________________________________________________ Last First MI Student ID. # __________________ T.A./ Lab Section: _____________________ This is a closed book exam! No programmable calculators, notes, books, or scrap paper permitted This exam contains xxx (x) pages and xxxx (x) sections. Please make sure that your copy contains all xxx pages. If there is a problem, please tell the exam administrator prior to beginning. Please answer all questions in the spaces provided. Remember that UCDavis Code of Academic Conduct applies to this exam and all other graded work in this class. (1) Read each question carefully. (2) For Parts I and II, there is no partial credit given and only answers marked on this cover page will be graded. (3) The last 2 pages contain a periodic table and some useful information. You may remove it for easy access. (4) If you finish early, RECHECK YOUR ANSWERS! Questions # Points 1-8 (4 pts) /32 9-10 (6 pts) /12 11 /16 12 /8 13 /22 14 /12 Total (102) Multiple Choice Circle One (1) 1. a b c d e 2. a b c d e 3. a b c d e 4. a b c d e 5. a b c d e 6. a b c d e 7. a b c d e 8. a b c d e 1-8 total points 9. a b c d e 10. a b c d e 9-10 total points Name: ________________________ 2C Exam 1 pg (2/2) 1. Multiple Choice: (4 pts each) No partial credit. Select the most appropriate answer and circle it on the cover sheet. 1. Which of the following statements is FALSE? a. A secondary cell is rechargeable. b. A dry cell battery has a continuous flow or reactants. c. If batteries are connected in series the voltages are additive. d. In an electrolytic cell electricity is used to drive a nonspontaneous reaction....
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This note was uploaded on 10/14/2009 for the course CHE CHE 2C taught by Professor Nasiri during the Spring '07 term at UC Davis.

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2CWin09MT1Key - Chemistry 2C (Section A) Spring 2009 First...

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