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mms writing assignment - Timothy Fong 10 October 2008 The...

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Timothy Fong 10, October, 2008 The effect of alcohol on the species Panthera Tigris In a tragic accident at the San Diego zoo, three people were mauled to death by several Tigers. Witnesses of this tragic event state that the tigers managed to escape by attacking the trainer who had been walking in to begin the daily show. Witnesses also stated that the witnesses had been throwing various items at the tigers and were shouting obscene words at the tigers before the incident. After a long investigation, police investigators found that shortly before feeding, there had been an accident in the preparation of the food for the Tigers. A large bottle of Ethyl Alcohol, or otherwise known as vodka, had spilled its entire contents onto the food. Consequently the alcohol may have excited the tigers which may have led to their attack on the three victims. After consuming enough of ethyl alcohol to raise the blood alcohol level of a group tigers of the species Panthera Tigris to .1 percent, both trained and untrained tigers from the Siberian ecosystem become belligerent and may attack if provoked. Initial tests on the specimen were used to confirm the aggressive attitude adapted by the tigers after consuming a substantial amount of alcohol. Four tigers were obtained for experimentation, two of which were captured from the wild while the remaining two were obtained from training facilities. The tigers were monitored both before and after alcohol was administered. In order to overcome the initial aversion from alcohol in the four tiger specimens, alcohol was
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mms writing assignment - Timothy Fong 10 October 2008 The...

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