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mycotoxins paper - Timothy Fong Mushroom Molds and Society...

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Timothy Fong Mushroom Molds and Society Mycotoxins: The Hidden Killer Ever since the dawn of the agricultural empire, fungi have been proliferating in vast fields of produce, cereals and staple crops necessary for sustaining human life. From rubber trees to potato plants, fungi have penetrated, germinated, and multiplied in exponential rates razing fields of crops or rendering them unsuitable for consumption. Some of these fungi produce toxins in the substrate in which they are living in. These toxins are called mycotoxins and may damage or destroy a person’s health. Mycotoxins adversely affect human life due to their damaging effects on both the human body and the global economy. The root of human concern for mycotoxins is the damaging and potentially fatal effects these toxins can have on humans and livestock. Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by molds growing on post harvested crops. Mainly found after long periods of wet, cold weather, these molds infect and proliferate in the stock piles of crops. A major example of a mycotoxin is the aflatoxin. Produced by the fungus aspergillus flavus , aflatoxin usually infects crops such as peanuts and maize. It is found to damage the liver and even cause liver failure resulting in death in concentrations higher than fifty five hundred parts per billion (Gordon). After prolonged use or exposure to aflatoxins, subjects may develop liver cancer as well. Mycotoxins are generally found to cause adverse affects on human and livestock population. It is because of this reason; people are concerned with the presence of mycotoxins on crops. Additionally, mycotoxins usually infect
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mycotoxins paper - Timothy Fong Mushroom Molds and Society...

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