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Psych book summary - Psych Module 2 Research Stragtegies...

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Psych’ Module 2: Research Stragtegies: How psychologists ask and answer questions. I. Thinking Critically with Psychological Science a. What about intuition and Common Sense? i. Hindsight bias 1. “I-Knew-It-All-Along-Bias” 2. Common sense more easily describes what has happened than what will happen 3. Good ideas in psychology have a oddly familiar quality ii. Overconfidence 1. We tend to think we know more than we do 2. Once people know the target word, hindsight makes it seem obvious iii. Hindsight bias and overconfidence often lead us to overestimate our intuition b. The Scientific Attitude i. Needs skepticism and also humility c. Critical tinking i. Examines assumkption discerns hidden values evaluates evidence and assesses conclusions II. The Scientific method a. Constructing theories b. `theory- explains thorugh an integrated set of principles that organizes obersvations and predicts behaiviors or events c. Hypothesis – testable prediction d. Be aware of self subjective biases e. Operational definitions – allows anyone to replicate their ovbersvations f. Theory is useful if i. It effectively organizes a range of self reports and observations
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ii. Implies clear predictions that anyone can use to check the theory or to derive practical applications g. research generally leads to a revised theory that better organizes and predict what we know. III. Descriptioin
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Psych book summary - Psych Module 2 Research Stragtegies...

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