Biology 10-8-08

Biology 10-8-08 - Biology 10/8/08- Polymeric...

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Biology 10/8/08- Polymeric macromolecules: Carbohydrates, Proteins I. Why is the condensation of three fatty acids wit glycerol “energetically infeasible”? a. Forming the ester linkage absorbs heat b. Reducing the number of independent molecules decreases entropy II. Carbohydrates a. Sugars starches, glycogens, celluloses b. C n (H 2 O) n “carbo-hydrate c. Glucose (C 6 H 12 O 6 ) d. Why does the OH in the straight chain form of sugar switch sides? i. Each sugar differs because of the orientation of the OH. e. Different sugars have different numbers of carbons f. Memorize the shape and form of(how the OHs are orientated) Glucose g. Cellulose (representative glucose polymer) i. Condensation reaction joins two flucoses 1. Removes water in order to form a bond ii. More condensation, longer chains. All attached from carbon1 to carbon4 iii. The chain lines up and forms a strong cable. iv. Used to hold up plant cell v. Form of cell wall vi. Always has a B c1 is always going up to oxygen h. Starch (branched glucose polymer
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Biology 10-8-08 - Biology 10/8/08- Polymeric...

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