10-29-08 Origin of Metabolism

10-29-08 Origin of Metabolism - Origin of...

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Origin of Metabolism (Stromatolites) What was the earliest life and where did it get its energy? I. Geological stratigraphy together with radioactive dating show the sequence of events in the history of the earth a. The entry for cyanobacteria and stromatolites only have one billion years after the formation of the earth II. What are stromatolites a. Layer rocks formed under thin microbial mats i. Formed when the microbial mats build rocks underneath them. ii. Formed by blue green algae b. Recognized by their layered appearance c. Some are huge d. Bill Schopf, a professor at UCLA, found microfossils in ancient stromatolites (apex chert in Western Australia) and suggested that they had been cyanobacteria (oxygen- producing, photosynthetic bacteria). e. The fossils can be compared to micrographs of real cyanobacteria f. Martin Brasier, from oxford university asserts that schopf’s microfossils are inorganic carbonaceous precipitates g. These inclusions, photographed from the apex chert samples in the London museum
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10-29-08 Origin of Metabolism - Origin of...

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