Protein synthesis 11-7-08

Protein synthesis 11-7-08 - II. Ribosome structure a. Each...

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Protein synthesis I. Transfer RNA a. Transcribed form special trna genes (about 40; one for each codon, one or more for each amino acid). b. Matches codons with amino acids (called “adaptor” or “Translator” molecule) c. Secondary and tertiary stuructre generally cloverleaf; has “anticodon” at one end (3 bases complementary to codon), corresponding amino acid hooked onto the other end d. Charging the transfer RNAs i. Activating enzyme; aa-tRNA synthetase ii. Joins amino acids to trnas with the correct anticodons iii. Provides some of the energy to form the peptide bond iv. Amp is used to join trna with amino acid v. Two high enerfy phosphates are excreted., lots of energy to push the reaction forward
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Unformatted text preview: II. Ribosome structure a. Each ribosome consists of a large and small subunit b. Small subunit binds to the mRNA c. Large unit has 3 binding site i. Exit site peptidosyte aminoacyle site d. Ribosome structure i. Usually on his exams he only has two binding sites, the a and p site III. Initiation a. Translation begins with the formation of an initiation complex b. A specific sequence has the small subunit bind to it IV. Elongation a. The growing polypeptide chain is added to each new amino acid; then the ribosome moves one codon forward b. First part of proten usually gert cut off V. Posttranslational processing a. Proteolysis b. Glocoosylation c. Phyosphorylation d....
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Protein synthesis 11-7-08 - II. Ribosome structure a. Each...

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