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I. Respiration: Synthesis of ATP a. What happens to the respiration in animal or lant cells in the absence of oxygen i. Everything stops ii. Glycolysis stips iii. Pyruvic acid oxidation and the citric acid cycle stop iv. Etc runs backwards v. Everything except the etc works as well as in the presence of oxygen b. Synthesis of ATP i. Anaerobic conditions (fermentation) 1. Glycolysis depends on a supply of substrates: a. Glucose b. Adp nad
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Unformatted text preview: c. P 2. Nad fad present in only small amounts in cell 3. Therefore ad must be regenerated from nadh to allow continued Glycolysis 4. Citric acidciycle operation 5. In air etc regenerates nad and fad by passing electrons to o2 6. Withoutair tc cannot axidize nadh fah2 citric acid cycle stops Without air some cells regenerate nas ii. Muscle cells 1. Reduction of pyruvate produces lactic acid 2....
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