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Structure of DNA 11-5-08

Structure of DNA 11-5-08 - iv Thus DAN base sequesnce must...

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Structure of DNA I. DNA synthesis a. Upon combination of a subunit to a DNA growing strand, a pyrophosphate ion is released (2 phosphate ions) b. Complications i. Splitting H bonds 1. Takes 3 enzymes a. Unwinding enzyme b. DNA helicase i. Unwinds the DNA c. Binding proteins i. Keeps the DNA unwound ii. Priming DNA synthesis needs a primer 1. The enzyme just cant start adding subunits iii. Anti Parallel templates iv. Okazaki fragments 1. Small pieces of DNA 2. dNTPS only add to the 3’ end of the DNA 3. RNA primer is put down 4. Then dna is put down 5. DNA synthase can replace the primers with DNA rather than RNA v. RNA polymerase makes primers II. Protein Synthesis a. The use of DNA information to synthesizeproteins b. Transcription of DNA information c. Genes are used to synthesize enzymes d. The colinearity of DNA and proteins
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i. DNA information is stored in the base sequence ii. Enzyme function depends on the protein’s sturcut re iii. Protein strucute depends on the amino acid sequence
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Thus DAN base sequesnce must determine protein amino acid sequence through a genetic code v. Three bases make a codon e. Degenerate, but not ambigueous III. Structure of RNA a. Polynucleotide chain like DNA b. Sugar is ribose c. Oh on c2 d. U replaces t e. Molecule is single stranded through loops f. Synthsis if RNA i. Players NUCleotide triphosphate substrates (ATP,CTP, GTP< UTP) ii. Enzyume (rna polumerase) iii. DNA “template” to direct the sequence of bases iv. Polymerized g. Initiation i. RNA polymerase uncoils the DNA in a small segment ii. Adds 2 nucleotide striphosphates together iii. Moves along the dna chain adding nucleoside triphosphates h. Termination i. It falls of DNA ii. Result 1. One RNA polynucleotide chain 2. Base sequence determined by template strand (identical to the non template strand)...
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Structure of DNA 11-5-08 - iv Thus DAN base sequesnce must...

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