ANTHRO 101 - Paper 2 - Laura Hyde Friday ANTHRCUL 101[033...

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Laura Hyde Friday, November 21, 2008 ANTHRCUL 101: [033] Sheets Second Paper – Question 3 Sex, Gender and Gender Roles When a baby is born he or she is assigned a gender based on his or her sex. “Gender” includes cultural ideals for both men and women. These ideals represent what that child must do to be an accepted member of society in that specific culture. Traditionally men and women have played different roles in a society. For example, in American society women have been known as the cooks and take care of the children, and men have been known as the money-makers, to name a few responsibilities. These standards are always changing as time progresses. Different cultures have different ideas of the traditional roles and that men and women should play. To get a better idea of the differences between the traditional roles of men and women from culture to culture, one can examine the Trobiand, Hmong and Yanomamo societies. These differences in gender roles were first established due to biological differences between men and women. Since women birthed the children, they commonly became the caretakers, and since men are generally larger and more muscular than women they became the hunters. In a recent poll, 66 percent of people selected said that women still have a more prominent role in the upbringing of children, 18 percent said men play a more prominent role, and 16 percent said that men and women played equivalent roles (Kottak 2008: 461). Gender stratification, or an unequal distribution of rights and privileges between men and women, is also common among societies (Kottak 2008: 458). One such example of gender stratification is double standards that limit
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women. In another recent cross-cultural poll regarding a double standard with respect to
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ANTHRO 101 - Paper 2 - Laura Hyde Friday ANTHRCUL 101[033...

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