anthro paper 1 Quotes - Ethnographers draw on a variety of...

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“Ethnographers draw on a variety of techniques to piece together a picture of otherwise alien lifestyles.” (Kottak 2008, 263) “In the end, the radio workshops, albeit the most important of my methods, were only one research tool, and he information gained from them was complemented by long interviews, life histories, a semi-structured survey, examination of secondary sources and publicity available statistics, and participant observation over the long run. The contradictions between the spoken word and behavior took on important meanings.” (Hecht page 12) Recorder “Because so many street children have been tortured by the police, I was hesitant at first to notes in their presence, photograph them, or tape record conversations. But after six weeks I found, much to my surprise, how eager the children were to have their stories recorded. I discovered this by accident when 16-year-old Beto snatched from my bad a tape recorder I had resolved, precisely that afternoon, never to use. We walked off to speak to the machine on his own and to talk with his chums. Beto posed many of the questions I wanted to ask. He began inquiring about robberies, drug use, and the families of his chums.” (Hecht 1998, page 8) “To my surprise, children tended to view the tape recorder not with suspicion but as means of making themselves heard, of telling stories they rarely if ever had the chance to
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anthro paper 1 Quotes - Ethnographers draw on a variety of...

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