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Paper Checklist Anthro 101 Before turning in your paper, please make sure you have met all of the following criteria. I. CONTENT. Your paper… Clearly defines topic and question. Supports general statements with clarification and evidence from the book. Arguments do not oversimplify or overgeneralize. Stick to your sources. Gives explanation for all quotes and examples. All quotes and examples are used to advance your argument and require analysis. Reflects OWN critical thought and input Draws specific examples from Hecht’s ethnography and makes appropriate connections to the Kottak textbook. II. STRUCTURE. Your paper… Sticks to your clearly defined topic and question from beginning to end. Does not digress from central line of thought (no lengthy
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Unformatted text preview: repetition of claims) III. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. • Spell check • Subject-verb agreement throughout paper • No sentence fragments (e.g. “To see if they can find an effect.”) • Be careful regarding the referents of your pronouns. (e.g. If you start a sentence saying “This means that…” make sure it is CLEAR what “THIS” refers to.) IV. FORMAT. • Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font with one inch margins and page numbers. • Paper should be stapled. • Choice of essay question appears on the first page as Essay Question #__ • Sources are CITED, with correct page numbers! • Bibliography included at the end of the paper using AAA style (see guide on Ctools)...
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