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chem practice exam 3 - Chemistry 130 Practice Exam III...

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Chemistry 130 Practice Exam III 12/1/07 Instructions: You have 90 minutes to complete this exam. Multiple Choice – Select a choice that bests answers the questions. 1) The shape of the ammonium ion, NH 4 + , is most similar to the shape of A. CH 3 + B. CH 4 C. N 2 H 4 D. NH 2 E. NH 3 2) The total number of valence electrons in the Lewis structure for the phosphate ion (PO 4 -3 , P is the central atom) is: 3) The larger the difference in electronegativity, 1. the more ionic the bond 2. the more covalent the bond 3. the more polar the bond
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4) Which of the following bonds is the most polar? 5) The central atom in the bromate ion, BrO 2 - , is surrounded by A. two bonding pairs and two unshared pairs of electrons B. two double bonds and no unshared pairs of electrons C. four bonding pairs and four lone pairs of electrons D. three bonding pairs and one unshared pair of electrons E. one bonding pair and three unshared pairs of electrons
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