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VOCABULARY: Applications - Social security number - Permanent position - Work shifts - Work overtime - License/ Identification - Accommodations - Military service - Past employment - Supervisor’s name -Typing speed - Emergency contact Work Place - Cublicles - Boss - Secretary - Meetings/ Conferences - Project Manager - Janitor - Faxes/ Faxing - To get fired - Branch - Paperwork EXAMPLE CONVERSATION
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Unformatted text preview: Michael: Hey, did you hear that Bob got fired? Laura: Yeah, he’s cublicle is empty now. Michael: What is your boss having you do today? Laura: I have to fax some paperwork over to our branch in New York. What do you have to do today? Michael: I have a meeting at 12 with the Project Manager. Laura: OK well have a good meeting! Michael: Thanks! See you later....
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